What equipment is needed to trap a groundhog

In case you are facing problems with Fort Worth woodchucks (also known as groundhogs), the most humane method of getting rid of them is to trap them. Once they are trapped, you can release them somewhere far away from your property.

A trapping equipment will be necessary for a number of reasons. Firstly, all the repelling products such as sound machines, mothballs, chemicals, that are marketed as effective are actually not effective at all. These happen to be temporary fixes. They might push the rodents away but it will take them no time to get accustomed to these so-called repellants. Soon, they will be back, nibbling on your vegetation.

Hence, it is much better to physically get rid of them by trapping and removing.

Do note that killing an innocent Texas animal is not ethical at all. So consider getting traps that are not designed to harm, and are only designed to catch the rodent.

We have compiled information regarding the most commonly used groundhog trapping equipment below. Simply use these traps as it is instructed on their box. Better yet, get advice or help from professional animal control experts to better efficiency of removal.

Firstly, you will need a Fort Worth groundhog trap. The groundhog trap contains an entrance having a two-fold door that is about 16 inches wide. Most groundhogs will fit through this size so it works extremely well. There are some variations to the classic trap that contain dual entrances. This makes it possible to catch more than one groundhogs in the same trap. You will easily find this trap at any animal control hardware store. These traps, however, are not always marketed as groundhog traps. Instead, they are simply referred to as rodent traps at times.

You may also use a landscape fencing which will be able in the fencing area of-of any animal control hardware store. This is a special trap that makes use of an elastic material, making it a flexible one. As a result of this, setting this trap is quite easy. However, you will need some space ranging from 2 to 24 feet in order for this trap to work.

In order to put this trap in place, you will need a mallet and staple weapons. In order to assemble the trap, simply attach the fencing to the stakes each of about 4 feet in length. Setting a customized trap is quite a big deal for someone who is not trained to catch animals such as rodents. So you may find it useful to get help from an animal control expert in this regard.

Once you have successfully caught the animal, next comes the task of releasing the animal somewhere far away from your house. As far as releasing of trapped groundhogs go, there are a number of laws and jurisdictions depending on the place. So do get some guidance regarding this matter in order to avoid any legal trouble. You may get some recommendations from your nearby animal sanctuaries. Another way would be to contact an animal control expert and get his/her advice regarding the animal’s release.

Do remember that groundhogs are important and an integral part of the ecosystem. So killing them is unethical and inhumane. Instead, try to ensure that they do not get harmed during this process.

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